Exchange 2016 message tracking logs

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Hello Team,


I am checking email tracking by below script but getting results only for 3 days


Get-ExchangeServer | ?{$_.AdminDisplayVersion -like "*15.1*"} | get-messagetrackinglog -Resultsize unlimited -Start (Get-Date).Adddays(-30) | Where-Object {$_.Sender -like "*"}| Select Sender,{$_.Recipients},{$_.RecipientStatus},MessageSubject,TimeStamp, EventId, Source, SourceContext,MessageId,InternalMessageId,ClientIP,ClientHostName,ServerIP,ServerHostName,ConnectorId,TotalBytes,RecipientCount,RelatedRecipientAddress,Reference,ReturnPath,MessageInfo | export-csv c:\domain.csv


What seems to be wrong here

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Just to be sure: There are more log files on disk than for 3 days? * sent mails before?
Thank you for reply
Message tracking logs are there for 30 days
Ok, it's just been a random shot. I could run the command without problems so there's nothing wrong with the code. There must be other limitations. I'm afraid I can't help you any further ath this point.