Exchange 2016 DAG to 2019 DAG

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So let's do this! I have an Exchange 2016 2 server DAG environment and we are wanting to upgrade it to an Exchange 2019 DAG environment. With all the wonderful press Microsoft released about the amazing safety you get from a DAG environment, there seems to be very little on how to upgrade it to 2019! Please help! Can it even be done? The Exchange Deployment Assistant is very vague about it,


I have 2 questions:

1) Can you migrate from a 2016 Exchange DAG to a 2019 Exchange DAG?

2) If so, how?


I've gone through the Exchange Deployment Assistant. I have the 2 new 2019 Servers setup, but I can't join them to the existing DAG and I get an error when I try to create the new DAG for 2019. What's the next step?


Thank you for any assistance you can give.



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