EWS and Autodiscover URL Connection Issue

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Please help, this week I have been struggling with connection problems from third-party migration applications to Exchange Server 2016. I plan to migrate email data from Exchange Server to Google Workspace, but have problems connecting between applications to Exchange.

This migration app uses the EWS and Autodiscover URL to contact the Exchange Server. When the connection test was carried out, the End Point was successfully connected, but the EWS test encountered problems as shown below.

figure 1.png


I tried to check with the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer and the result was that I found several exclamation marks and crosses like picture below. You can download and open here for more detail.

figure 1.png


Is there something wrong with my Exchange Server EWS URL and Autodiscover URL?

Please advice thank you.

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Is the authentication method NTLM?
I tried several authentication methods like basic, modern, NTLM nothing worked.
Have you tried resetting the EWS virtual directory?
How to reset it, and is there any impact if I reset this EWS?


Exchange Admin Center -> Servers -> Virtual Directories -> Select EWS and click the following icon.


Is there an impact on the user side if I reset the EWS?
you're right.
During the reset duration, it may affect the user.
about 5-10 minutes.

What kind of impact do you mean those 5-10 minutes?
Could you mention what another impact the user experienced?
What do I need to do after resetting?
I was a little worried because I've never done it before.
Please advise, thank you.


The reason is that IIS needs to be restarted.

Reset an Outlook on the web virtual directory 


Thank You!

I haven't tried what you suggested, but my team has restarted the Exchange server. After restarting the server I tried again but still experiencing the same problem.
Any other suggestions? Thank You.