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Hello Experts,


how do i extract the no of emails recieved by my tenat in last 6 months or 1 year? For e.g i want to show a report to my management regarding number of inbound emails to our MX record/tenant.


I have been looking at the Reports in the Office 365 admin center, i am not getting the desired results.

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You can get this report from your Email security appliance.

e.g. if you have email security appliance (Ironport/Barracuda etc), you can easily export the report of sent/received emails from/ to dates.

We dont use any of the security Appliance. I am looking for options from EOP.
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You should be able to get this data per user via the Portal reports, which you can then aggregate. Which data is missing there?


Another approach is to use message trace, however the data there is kept for much smaller timeframe, so you will have to periodically run it. Here's an example script:


Yet another approach is to schedule the Mail traffic report available here:


Lastly, if none of the above meets your needs, there are some 3rd party reporting tools you can use.

You can also use services like Cogmotive, which makes this type and other valuable insights very easy to get