Difficulty in Creating Email groups in Exchange Admin Center

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Please i need help on this issue.

Cannot create email groups in exchange admin center

When I attempt to create and email group using EAC I get the following error.


We couldn't create the group.

Exception of type 'Microsoft.Online.BOX.Util.Exceptions.InternalException' was thrown.




I have tried with different web browsers using private or incognito mode and it still doesn’t work. 


I am able to create the Exchange groups using PowerShell commands, but I cannot create them using the Exchange web portal.


  • My account is currently a Global Admin and I tried a different Global Admin account and still get the same error.

  • I added my account to Recipient Management and I’m still getting the same error message.




  • WE have other Global Admin accounts but we are both experiencing the same issue.


  • Our environment is Pure cloud for Exchange.  I’m syncing accounts with my on-prem Active Directory using Entra Cloud Connect.

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Please review whether the "Organization Management" role is correct!