Cannot Add Connector

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i need to add a connector to implement EncryptTitan encryption capability for my organization's e-mail.  When I go to Admin/Exchange/Mail Flow/Connectors there is no Plus sign to allow me to add a connector.  Any ideas?

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Likely a permissions issue, you need at least the "Remote and Accepted Domains" role assigned in order to create new connector.
I have the Organization Management role, which it says provides that permission.
And do other admins see the option to create new connector?
Same deal for the other Global Admin.
Best open a support case then, I can certainly add new connectors in my own tenant.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for the confirmation.  I have started the now-laborious process of opening a case.  Have to go through my less-than-responsive "partner" and move up the line to eventually actually talk to Microsoft.


I know it's been a while, but I'm having the same issue and am wondering if you managed to solve it ?

Yeah, they did fix it, only after weeks of thrashing about.  It was all done in the background and I have no idea what they actually did.  Sorry.