Add Exchange 2016 to existing Exchange 2010 DAG

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Hi I am currently performing a Exchange Migration from 2010 to Exchange 2016 it is a Hybrid setup to Office 365.

From my understanding and research exchange 2016 should be able to coexist with exchange 2010. 

I want to be able to add Exchange 2016 to existing Exchange 2010 DAG.


But each time I try it gives me a error saying one of the exchange servers aren't the same version. I have checked and it is identical to the other 2010 Exchange server. 


I want to be able to add the Exchange 2016 to the 2010 Exchange DAG so I can replicate the databases from the old 2010 Exchange server to the new 2016 exchange server. That way I can start slowly moving across connecters and test without any downtime for the users.  


Unless there is different way I can make a copy of the databases to the new server without moving them entirely. 


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No Daniel, that's not how DAG works.

You cannot add Exchange 2016 Servers to Exchange 2010 DAG. All the servers in a DAG should be of the same Version. Hence, due to obvious reasons you cannot add a Database Copy of Exchange 2010 Mailbox database on Exchange 2016.

If you want to move mailboxes from 2010 to 2016 you will have to migrate them.