Restoring Multiple Stores into an Exchange 2007 RSG
Published Sep 15 2008 02:56 PM 1,514 Views

Recently we have learned that some of our customers that use Recovery Storage Group and add multiple databases to it, ran into the following issue:

Recovery configured through Database Recovery Management in Exchange Management Console has and issue with picking the Database name if you have multiple databases in storage group (for example Corp1.edb, Corp2.edb and Corp3.edb). In Recovery Storage Group, the name of first database will appear as the last database in the storage group (in this example Corp3.edb). You would have this:

Corp3.edb > this is the problem (should be Corp1.edb)

So if you restore multiple databases in Recovery Storage Group, first database will not restore successfully.

This is due to the EXDRA XML bug. We are aware of this issue and currently working on the fix, and will update this blog post once this is released.

There are two ways to work around this issue, until the fix is released:

  • Instead of using Exchange Management Console or EXTRA you can use the Exchange Management Shell to create and add databases to Recovery Storage Group and that works fine. For more information on how to do that, please read this.
  • You can rename the first database name in Active Directory to the correct name before doing the restore in Recovery Storage Group. The Active Directory attribute that should be changed on the RSG database is msExchEDBFile. We recommend that you use the workaround #1 above.

- Mohammad Afzal

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