Public Beta for Microsoft Transporter Suite 2007 for Domino Released

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Busy Day... Week... Year...

Today, Microsoft publicly announced its new set of tools to make the transition from Lotus to Microsoft easier.  The announcement details:

  • A new set of coexistence and migration tools (Microsoft's Transporter Suite 2007 for Lotus Domino)
  • Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Site: Specific application templates based on common roles like sales managers, IT engineer, etc.
  • 40 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Templates: Providing a great starting point for many custom applications.

  (* you can read the whole Press Release here )

As part of this we are opening up a public beta for the Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino for anyone interested to download, trial and provide feedback. The beta program is being run through Microsoft Connect at  To access the Beta simply signup for Connect and select to apply for 'Microsoft Transporter Public Beta' under the programs in 'Available Connections'.

Great day for customers who are deploying Microsoft's collaboration products:

The Transporter Suite is a huge step forward at making transitions easier.  We look at this release from several points: 

  • 2007 collaboration: We fully support Microsoft's 2007 product line.  All our tools are designed for Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 - enabling customers to migrate to the latest and greatest collaboration software available.
  • New features: We added a ton of new features (like a unified admin GUI, PowerShell foundation, ACL migrations, User migrations, scripting, multi-threading, and more) that ease the migrations for our customers migrating accounts, mailboxes, applications and doing analysis.
  • Enabling future scenarios: We built the suite as a platform that we are now using to add additional scenarios for future releases.  Including the support for custom application migration, local archive migration, encrypted mail migrations, personal address books and more.   We are also working closely with partners to extend even further...
  • Endless possibilities and customization: our new tools are setting a new coexistence & migration direction for our customers and partners to expedite their migrations.  Being built on PowerShell, there is nothing they can not do!!!

Check out the cool video on Channel 9: !!!

There will be lots of additional information, some Live Meeting demo's showcasing the extensibility of our tools for customers and partners & more. 

All of this starts today & will be happening later this week and more... keep on checking the CollabTools blog too!

- Erik Ashby

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There is some exciting news coming out today around tools for transitioning from Lotus to Microsoft that
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The good folks over on the Microsoft Exchange Team blog have announced a public beta of their coexistence
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This is great news. I look forward to using this tool.
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Steve highlighted this article that appeared on eweek. I'd been following the news internally and saw
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  What are the chances of seeing a toolset like this for customers who are still running older versions of Exchange.  Specifically it would be nice to see a migration tool that would allow an east transition from public folders to SharePoint.
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Are these tools as useless as the previous Domino to Sharepoint migration tools?

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This is a great move by Microsoft as many of the third party tools like Binery Tree and Casahl fall short.  Now we dont have to be subject to the poor crashing sw  and support of these small companies - having big MSFT behind these tools is good peace of mind! Great to see that coexistance is also strengthened using SMTP as well as the migration data fidelity is addressed.  Way to go Exchange team!
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Alright! I finally finished going through the Q&A Log for Part 3 of 24 in the Exchange Server 2007
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Will there be a similar suite for Groupwise?
Or any other Groupwise -> Ex2K7 migration tooling.
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There is some exciting news coming out today around tools for transitioning from Lotus to Microsoft that
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