Script to export IP Allow List for import on another Exchange 2007 server
Published Jan 24 2007 12:59 PM 2,546 Views

Recent question I heard sounded really interesting:

Anyone know a way to add many addresses to the IP Allow List at one time versus one at a time? I have over 100 configured on one server that I want to add to another server.

I thought about it a bit and came up with a script for it. Copy the script to a ps1 file (e.g. export.ps1) and then run the script and pipe the output to another ps1 file. For example:

export.ps1 > ipallowblockentries.ps1

This will export IP Allow List and IP Block List entries that have not already expired along with their expiration time.

Then run ipallowblockentries.ps1 on the server where you want to add these entries.

That should do it!

The script itself is attached as the export.txt file below!

- Bhavin Shah

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