Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Published Apr 25 2008 02:59 PM 595 Views

For years, we've enjoyed ThinkGeek's hilarious geek shirts and other toys. Often when we see their shirts we think "How funny - wish I'd come up with it first!" Well now we think we can take some credit - check out this shirt. a case of parallel evolution, or outright 'flattery'? You decide :) but either way - we can hardly argue as this is a great slogan.

On a related note, we've had geeky gear on for a while, but haven't updated it in a bit - this is a good reminder to do that soon. Thanks, ThinkGeek!

- The Exchange Team

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I like it. But they do not ship to my address (in Bangladesh). I think I make it myself :D.
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Yeah I saw that in there newsletter they sent out.  I figured you guys would pick up on that.  I have one of the original shirts and I always get questions about it.  Most people's eyes tend to glaze over when I mention extended SMTP.  Oh well.  Would be cool to see some new gear though!
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This has been on ThinkGeek for ages hasn't it? Oddly enough I came across this blog, after seeing that shirt on TG, and thought that's good enough to google... and aha!
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