Content Feedback: BRING IT ON
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Intro or Why you should give feedback The Exchange User Education team has been working hard over the last three releases to make improvements to the Exchange content experience that address learning, implementing, and troubleshooting your Exchange environment. From publishing all our content online, to our monthly online content updates, to product webcasts and white papers, we've strived to improve the Exchange content experience. During Exchange 2003, we added the ability for you, our customers, to provide feedback and ratings on our content. For the Exchange 2007 release, we are once again encouraging you to give us your input by providing feedback or ratings on the Exchange 2007 content that you use. Why is this important? First, your feedback helps us by telling us about your content experience. Can you find the answer you're looking for? If you find it, was it easy to find, did it completely answer your questions? If the content you found isn't useful, are we giving you enough options to do something about that, and to direct your search? Second, by providing feedback about your Exchange content experience, you'll help us to make greater improvements and streamline the Exchange content experience. How to Give Feedback As you've probably seen when reading one of our Exchange 2007 topics, there is a content feedback mechanism - the five-star widget that reads "Click to Rate and Give Feedback" on the top right hand corner of the page. If you mouse over this, a text box appears that you can type your comments in. You can then select a star rating (1 to 5) to match your satisfaction with the content. A one star rating being the worst, and a five star rating meaning you loved the topic and it was helpful to you in solving your problem. We definitely encourage you to tell us what you think is missing within the topic, but to also give us positive feedback if the topic helped you solve your problem or helped you find the information you were looking for! We don't collect any data about you, and no identifying information is submitted unless you post this information in your feedback. How We Use Your Feedback/Ratings At the beginning of every month, the Exchange UE team receives a detailed report that highlights topics with the highest and lowest ratings. Individual writers then analyze the data and fix the issues that arose in their specific areas. After the fixes have been made, the topics go through our editorial cycle and the updated content goes online when it's ready. All the writers and editors on the Exchange UE team are dedicated to making your content experience a great one. Your providing us feedback is one of the best ways that content improvements are made. Write Your Own Exchange 2003 Community Content In addition to the content feedback system in Exchange 2007, we have also implemented the Community Content functionality for Exchange 2003 content. This feature allows you to publish content directly on the same pages as our core documentation. However, this does not mean you can modify existing Exchange official documentation. Community content allows you to extend this content while the feedback process allows you to request a change to the existing content. So take a look at the Exchange 2003 documentation and see if you have anything to add. Keep It Coming Thanks to those of you who have provided feedback in the past; keep it coming. I hope I've helped to shed a little light on the feedback/rating process and have shown you that we care about your input, are listening, and are looking forward to a flood of feedback and ratings after this blog post. - Kweku Ako-Adjei

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