Xlookup Formula return 0 but working

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Me again. I have a working xlookup. L7 is text based (full name) input and works just fine. When I leave  L7 blank then I get 0. How can I update the formula to return a blank cell when there's no input in L7?


=XLOOKUP(L7,'Emp.12.27 In'!D2:D14000,'Emp.12.27 In'!A2:A14000,"")


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Hi @danhill365 


What about?

  XLOOKUP(L7,'Emp.12.27 In'!D2:D14000,'Emp.12.27 In'!A2:A14000,"")




@L z. 


Would like to know the answer to this...I've checked and rechecked the formula.  I'm not able to find out why in specific cells it returns "0" when in other cells with the exact same formula I can use the "If_not_found" function.  It looks like a bug to me.  I've only found a variety of workarounds on the internet, it would be nice to understand why it is occurring.  Thanks!




=LET(r, XLOOKUP(L7,'Emp.12.27 In'!D2:D14000,'Emp.12.27 In'!A2:A14000,""), IF(r="", "", r))

Thanks @Hans Vogelaar, I will try that.  I saw other workarounds online.  My main curiosity is why does it sometime create a "0" and sometimes if follows the desired value for "If_not_found"?




VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP will return 0 if the lookup value is found in the lookup column, but the corresponding cell in the return column is blank.