vlookup works online not in Excel software

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vlookup formula works on the Excel Web App but not on the installed Excel software.  We reinstalled Microsoft 365 but still not allowing me to use vlookup or hlookup formulas.   Getting the following error.  I have been a user for 20+ years. 




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Does the locally installed version use comma as decimal separator? If so, use semicolon ; in the formula:


=VLOOKUP(C576; B567:C568; 2; FALSE)

Thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately the semicolon did not solve the problem


@Hans Vogelaar 


Continuuing on @Hans Vogelaar 's line of thought, I think you may want to check your default list separator.

Formula errors when list separator is not set correctly - Office | Microsoft Docs

It looks like it works if I use "|" in the formula when it should be "," Not sure where to change that?
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If you're on Windows:

  • Press Windows key+R to activate the Run dialog.
  • Type control international and press Enter or click OK.
  • In the Region control panel, click Additional settings...
  • I suspect that List separator has been set to |
  • Change it to a comma.
  • Warning: it should not be the same as the Decimal symbol!


Thank you so much!!