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The attached FAC worksheet is supposed to pull data from the HR and Finance sheets. However, the formulas on the FAC sheet aren't working. I can't figure out why. Can anyone help? 

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@Danger_SF - You need to change the table reference since it's not a table. Just replace "[@[Employee ID]]" with the cell reference A2.





Sorry. In those example workbooks, I neglected to format the cells as tables. In the documents I'm working with, they are all tables.


If you format them as tables, can you tell me why the formulas don't work?


=VLOOKUP([Employee ID],[HR.xlsx]Tab3!$A$2:$B$3,2,FALSE)

This works on my computer if all three files are open.



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Thank you. But could you also get the Finance tab data to lookup?

The issue in finding is that one or the other of the formulas will work, but not both.
Disregard. Sorry for the bother. I figured it out.