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When I am trying to enter a Vlook up formula as follows =vlookup(cell, and trying to enter the array I am getting the following error message as per attached.

No matter what spreadsheet I am using or different excel extension file (xls, xlxs..), as soon as I want to select an array this error message pops us like Excel is telling me "that if you don't want a formula" but I do want a formula. Since it is the first time that this happens, has anybody already had the same issue?


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@AlexRabiller42 Do you use comma as decimal separator? If so, use semi-colon between the arguments of a function:


=VLOOKUP(A39; ...

@Hans Vogelaar Yes you are right, I am actually using a French language on the qwerty keyboard and I didn't realise I had to use a coma instead of a semi-colon between the arguments.
Thanks a lot for your quick revert on the matter.
*I meant had to use a semi-colon instead of a coma