Very dangerous reaction of Excel 2019 when the MacroSign Certificat was deleted in Certmanager .

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Hi there , I have the following problem. We are currently testing how we can best protect our xlm, i.e. Excel documents with macros using a signature. We have created a certificate for this and we use it to sign the Excel macro via the developer options, VBA, and Extras. Now we also store the certificate in the Trusted publisher folder and select "Deactivate all macros except digitally signed" in Excel in the Trust Center under Macro Security. Now everything works quite well so far, when opening Excel finds the certificate with which the macro was signed in the "Trusted publisher" memory and allows the macro. If the document does not find the certificate for the first time, nothing happens. It should be exactly like this . Now we have noticed something terrifying. If the certificate is then deleted from the "Trusted publisher" certificate store or expires, the yellow bar with the macro warning appears again in Excel, but also with the button to activate it anyway. That’s uhhhh. Is that an MS bug? How can you achieve that the macro is simply not executed as specified in the trust center.

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