VBA editor in Excel 365 MacOS troubles

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I am trying to use VBA to create a function in Excel 365 MacOS. There is an annoying feature that makes it very difficult to enter code. As I type, the text shifts and the insertion point moves making each line very difficult to insert.  This is some type of autocorrect/autoformat/autocomplete "FEATURE" that is cursing my ability to correctly enter a line of code.


If for example I want to enter the code  Test=123/456, the resultant code is:

Test = 23456 / 1


While typing the editor moves the cursor and inserts spaces to make the code more legible. I don't mind this so much, but if it does it WHILE typing the code, the resultant input is garbled. I have turned off the autocomplete in the Excel | Preference menu and am not sure where to turn. As this is, I have to go back and correct almost every line I enter, particularly involving numbers and operators. There has to be a switch somewhere to turn this off.




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I can't help with your exact question. However, I did want to ask if you're aware of the LAMBDA function, which (in the newer versions of Excel) is a very neat way, not involving VBA, to create user-defined functions. Here's an explanatory reference.


I have made use of it on my Mac, and love it.

Thank you for the kind reply. Yes, I am familiar with the LAMBDA function. I have played with it in 365 for Windows. I am actually using the VBA for a function that is more complicated than my example, which I don't believe will work using the LAMBDA function.


I have exactly the same problem.
If I don't type very quickly my code after typing a space character, this one is deleted and my input come directly sticked to the previous keyword. Some times, I also have the problem you described.

I spent one hour and a half with the Microsoft support that classically told me to re-install Office 365 without an success.

What is strange is that if I create a new Workbook and I go in the VBA Editor, the problem is no more present.

Any help in the community please.