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Having trouble with an equation, it should be 8000/(4540*pi*1)=r^2.  r^2= should equal 0.74893155. but it does not, I could not do "=r^2" or "=x^2" as the variable is undefined, please help!

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Not sure what exactly you'd try to find.

=8000/(4540*PI()*1) returns 0.560898 which is 0.748932^2



Enter =8000/(4540*PI()) into A1.  The value appears to be 0.5608984778569, when formatted as Number with 15 decimal places.


Enter =SQRT(A1) into A2.  The value appears to be 0.748931557525052.  If you want that truncated to 8 decimal places, write =TRUNC(SQRT(A1) xxx) .


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Although we can name cells, we cannot use names that look like cell or column identifiers, for example "r" and "x".  And we cannot use symbols in names, for example "r^2" and "x^2".


We can simply __think__ of A1 as r^2 and A2 as "r".  Alternatively, make up names that make sense to you; but again, they must be unambiguous.