using decimal percentage values in excel

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What formula would I need to use in excel for this as excel doesn't calculate 0.35% using this formula  =a1*b1+c1 

Ie 15,332.92 * 0.19497503 + 0.35% = 2,999.99

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Hi @userm2300 


Just add two 0 after the point.

15,332.92 * 0.19497503 + 0.0035 = 2989.54




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@Jihad Al-Jarady Hi Jihad,


thanks for the reply, i just tested it and it gives me 2,989.54 instead of 2,999.99


It shall work if you enter it correctly



If so you mean


@Sergei Baklan how should the formula look with the values in the cells like this 



Hi @userm2300 


Applying the number format, from the drop down list.


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Exactly the same way. If you have value 10 in the cell, Excel could show it to you as 10, as 10.00, as $10.0, as £10.00, whatever, depends on which format do you use. But it still will be 10.


Even better to use references on other cells, not numbers directly, like


If you apply to the result currency format, number will be shown in rounded form, but actual value still will be 2999.9999... You shall take that into account, and if in other calculations you'd like to use exactly three thousand pound, use ROUND() function or like.

@Sergei Baklan Absolute champion, that is exactly what I needed work’s like a charm, thank you sir


Glad to help. Happy Holidays!