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Update Calendar dates on excel sheet

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looking for help to update calendar excel sheet

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To help you with updating a calendar in Excel, I'll need more specific information about what you're looking to achieve. Here are a few common tasks related to updating a calendar in Excel, and you can let me know which one aligns with your goal, or provide more details about your specific requirements:

  1. Adding Events to a Calendar:
    • Are you looking to add events, appointments, or entries to specific dates on the calendar?
  2. Dynamic Date Updates:
    • Do you want the calendar to automatically update based on the current date or any other dynamic criteria?
  3. Conditional Formatting:
    • Are you interested in formatting cells in the calendar based on specific conditions or criteria?
  4. Data Validation for Dates:
    • Do you want to set up data validation to ensure that only valid dates can be entered?
  5. Other Specific Tasks:
    • If there's another specific task you have in mind, please provide more details.

Once you clarify your specific requirements, I can provide more tailored guidance or formulas to help you achieve your goal.

In this link you will find some more information about it:

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