Unusual Excel Help Request, Perhaps

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I'm sorry thing is lengthy, but I desperately need assistance with the following problem:

I have a worksheet where Tab A is divided into two sections (say Peter and Stephen). Each contain a column where I start with the beginning value for the month (say X). Then on the row below I manually enter a value for the first day (say Y). On the third row I use a SUM function to total X and Y. I then repeat the process each day so the current total is shown every three rows. This is done for both sections. Pretty straightforward so far...

However, on Tab B, I want to keep an up-to-date total of the most recent totals for both Peter and Stephen, which changes every day. SUM will only allow a pre-chosen cell, whereas I want it to use the most recent Tab A totals as the days go on, so I have the most current total on Tab B.

However, I don't know what function to use (and how to configure) so that it will total only the most recent totals, basing it on the latest totals and not specific cells.

If anyone can help, I would be extremely grateful.

Regards, Dave

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Let's say you want to return the last value of column D om Tab A


=LOOKUP(9.99999999999E+307, 'Tab A'!D:D)

Thank you for responding. To clarify, this would return the last total from column D regardless of it's row? And how do I combine it with the last total from column F on Tab A to a cell on Tab B?


> this would return the last total from column D regardless of it's row?

Yes, indeed.

The last total for column F would be

=LOOKUP(9.99999999999E+307, 'Tab A'!F:F)

If you want to add them together:

=LOOKUP(9.99999999999E+307, 'Tab A'!D:D)+LOOKUP(9.99999999999E+307, 'Tab A'!F:F)

Thank you for your help. I tried entering your formula (replacing Tab A with Tab June, and D:D with E:E) and pressed enter, but it opened a search box prompting me to open an existing Excel File in ThisPC>Documents. When I close that down it returns "#N/A" on the sheet with the formula instead of the total. Might I ask a minute more of your time to tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks very much.


Make sure that you spell the name of the sheet exactly correctly, and if the name contains spaces or punctuation, enclose the name in single straight quotes ' '