Untidy data

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CourseTermPell RecipientWU#  DFW# Total Students%  DFW
ECON 0101   01Fall   2017Not Recipient1134628%
ECON 0101   01Fall   2017Pell Recipient163617%
ECON 0101   02Fall   2017Not Recipient0188521%
ECON 0101   02Fall   2017Pell Recipient0195237%

Hi Everyone, I have data in this format, but I have been told to basically create, for example, one row that consists of course (econ 101 01), term (fall 2017), and then 8 new columns, Pell WU, Pell #DFW, Pell # Total Students, Pell %DFW, and then non-Pell versions of those columns. Please tell me there's an easy way to do this. Thank you.

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I would suggest a pivot table.