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How to create a list using team leader's name (7 teams) and then it will auto populate team members name about 20 members in each team using excel formula

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You can create a list of team members using the following steps:

  1. Create a new sheet in your Excel workbook and name it "Team Members."

  2. In cell A1 of the "Team Members" sheet, enter "Team Leader" as the column header.

  3. In cell B1 of the "Team Members" sheet, enter "Team Member" as the column header.

  4. Enter the names of the team leaders in column A, starting from cell A2 and going down to cell A8. Make sure each name is spelled correctly and is consistent with the names you will use in the rest of your workbook.

  5. In cell B2 of the "Team Members" sheet, enter the following formula: 




Note: Replace 'Sheet1' with the name of the sheet that contains your team member data, and replace 1000 with the last row number that contains data in your team member list. Also, make sure the formula references the correct column that contains the team member names.

  1. Drag the formula in cell B2 down to the end of the row that corresponds to the last team leader name in column A. This will populate the list of team members for each team leader.

  2. Adjust the cell references in the formula as necessary to match your data range.

Once you have completed these steps, you should have a list of team leaders and their corresponding team members in the "Team Members" sheet. You can use this list to reference team members in other parts of your workbook, such as for calculating team performance or generating reports.