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how can I have a tab in which I have a drop down tab with two options (a) & (b) that by the choice that is made another tab with a $ value gets calculated to another tab based on which is selected. example if I selected (a) and the profit is $100 and I select two more (a) with each being $35 the tab will say $170 

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any ideas would really help ??? @onpointsupplies 

Hi @onpointsupplies 


I suspect nobody really understand your question, probably due to the exessive usage of the word "tab" that makes things quite confusing if I may


#1 To clarify things, could you post a picture that illustrates what you have + a couple of examples of what you expect?

#2 Cf. Welcome to your Excel discussion space!, what version of Excel do you run & on which OS/Platform (Windows, MacOs, Web...)?

I made an small portion of what the book would actually look like but hopefully this can help clarify what I'm trying to accomplish and some one can help me with it now. thank you 

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 7.48.39 AM.png

@L z. 

I have Excell for Mac and its version 16.88



With data in Table1 (pic. croped):


in J3:



Table in I2:J4 can be on a different sheet no problem


@onpointsupplies You're welcome...