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I have combined 3 lists of "Last Name/First Name" into one "Sheet." Names for rows "2-116" are alphabetized (A-Z), followed by separately alphabetized (A-Z) Names in rows "117-288." I want to combine these Names into ONE alphabetized list. I have tried several times to combine these groups into one alphabetized list (including "Cut and Pasting" the bottom group of alphabetized names above the top group), but haven't been successful. Please provide a solution. Thank you.

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Too bad there isn't a "Chat" option to get help from a Microsoft Support technician.



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Normaly this should work without any problems.
Click one of the cells in column, then DATA->SORTING->A-Z

If this did not work, Check your data, maybe there is an Space as first character in some of the cells?!
Thank you for your suggestion. I'm unsure how it happened, but all First Names were preceded by a "space." When I deleted each "space" individually , and marked each "Last" and "First" Names, then "Sort(ed) A-Z," it alphabetized as I needed. That was the solution. Thank you, Christian!