Slicer showing blank data when there isn't (multiple slicers)

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I have no idea why I'm having issues with my slicer but I am. I've attached a screenshot of the issue at the bottom of this post.


Problem: when I filter the vendor, there is only this one expense and the SBU is SW/WW/C; why is it showing that there is an entry that's blank? The slicer settings (for all of them) are to hide options that don't have any data. I already know it's not including any data that's been deleted.


How can I fix this?!




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Based on the information you've provided and the image you sent, there are a few potential reasons why your slicer might be showing a blank "SW/WW/C" entry even though there's only one expense with that SBU:

1. Blank value in underlying data:

  • Check the raw data table associated with your slicers. Ensure there are no blank or null values in the "SBU" column, especially for rows corresponding to the "SW/WW/C" entry. Even a single blank value can cause the slicer to display a blank option.

2. Slicer relationships:

  • If you have multiple slicers connected to the "SBU" dimension table, there might be an issue with the relationships between them.
    • Go to the Manage Relationships section in the Power BI Desktop ribbon.
    • Review the relationships between your slicers and the "SBU" table.
    • Ensure bidirectional filtering is enabled for the relevant relationships. This allows filters from one slicer to correctly propagate to other connected slicers.

3. Slicer formatting:

  • While you mentioned the slicer settings are set to hide options without data, double-check the formatting options specifically for the "SBU" slicer.
    • In the Formatting pane of the slicer properties, look for options related to blank values.
    • Ensure they are not set to display blank values even when hidden.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Examine the raw data: Check for blank values in the "SBU" column of the underlying data table.
  2. Review slicer relationships: Verify that relationships between slicers and the "SBU" table are set up correctly, with bidirectional filtering enabled.
  3. Inspect slicer formatting: Double-check the formatting options for the "SBU" slicer, ensuring blank values are not displayed even when hidden.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify the cause of the blank entry in your slicer and take corrective action. 

- Right-click in your pivot table and choose Pivot Table Options...
- On the Data tab, set the dropdown named "Number of items to retain per field" to None
- Click OK and refresh your pivot table
There are some blank values in the SBU column...normally the slicer wouldn't have this issue (it only started the day I posted this issue). Is this a new common issue with Excel?
I tried that but it didn't fix the problem :weary_face:
I don't have Power there anyway to check this just through Excel or do I have to do it through Power BI?

@LilYawney After changing the setting, refresh the pivot table

Please check the Columns in Dataset. U need Power BI yo resolve it. Please check RLS as well.