setting number of rows?

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Hello everyone,


so I'm working with excel to make tables of schedule for Tourism company.

I was wondering if it possible to set number of rows based on dates. 

so for example: if the tour is 7 days i need 7 rows, if it's 11 days i need 11 rows etc...

but the problem is i have rows on top and bottom that aren't changing. and to add and erase rows every time I make new table is really annoying. 


So the rows i need/want to set are 16 / OCT - 22 / OCT..




Is it possible to set some kind of function that I write number of dates and it will automatically set the rows for me?


thank you for the help!!!


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It would be difficult to create a row with merged cells at the bottom (it would require VBA code, which is probably overkill). But the dates can be generated by a formula:

Let's say you enter the start date in J1 and the number of dates in J2.

Format A4:A50 (or however far down you want) as a date.

In A4, enter the formula




It will spill to as many cells down as needed.


WOW. Great! that is very helpful!

Thank you soo much!