search for cells in multiple rows and columns

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I have 2 sheets. the first sheet has all my raw data, not necessarily in a clean format (i.e., doesn't have a single value in each cell). In my second sheet (let's call it indexes), i have just a one column list. I want to see if the indexes exist anywhere (not just 1 column) in the raw data. If it does, I want to display the name of the account in the raw data column. 


Pretty much, i want to use an index-match but it isn't working. I'm using it like this: index(account_name, MATCH(index_number_from_sheet_2, all_rows_columns_in_raw_data, 0))


account_name = one column

index_number_from_sheet_2 = one cell

all_rows_columns_in_raw_data = multiple rows and columns


Again, I want to see if cells in sheet 2 (indexes) exists anywhere in all_rows_columns_in_raw_data and if yes, all i need to return is a yes, no. I even tried vlookup and it doesnt work. 

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