Scroll lock not working properly

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I'm trying to add in a scroll lock so that users of a spreadsheet cannot scroll down (or across) when using it.


I've added the following code (although the same issue occurs if I try and lock it using the sheet properties dialog box manually):


Worksheets("FEA").ScrollArea = "A1:A1"


This seems to lock the horizontal scrolling as intended, but the vertical scrolling still allows scrolling down to row 86.


If i change the lower limit to something greater than 1, i.e:


Worksheets("FEA").ScrollArea = "A1:A100"


Then it works properly. But anything lower than 86, and it still allows scrolling down to row 86...


The window naturally cuts off at row 41.









This is the code that I run.












This is the window before scrolling.




This is where it allows me to scroll to, despite the above code being run.




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