Saving a mirror copy of a file so I can make my own amends

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  • I am looking to save a copy of a live file (that I have shared access to) which is linked to the original file so all changes etc are updated, but which I can add a few extra columns for my own notes/comments, that no one else needs to see. 

I was thinking of just linking the whole spreadsheet via the = [ ] etc function and then adding in the columns I need. 

Is this the best way?


Thank you

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No, it isn't. If anyone decides to sort the data in the original file, all your comments may be in the wrong location!

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Ah, a very good point.  Thank you. Is there a better / best way to do this then?


Thank you 

I've read about having a powerquery refer to itself to update it's external data and subsequently keep comments with the correct rows, but it is hard to setup. I found this article:
that no one else needs to see.

Authorize different persons with different views in co-work?
I guess you need a database backend and running a sql instead of excel file share.

possible situation like below:

Thank you for the reply but I can't read it as it isn't in English. @peiyezhu 

I'm still looking for a solution to this, if anyone has any simpler ideas to try. Thank you
Are you using Edge browser?
I guess the Edge and Chrome all can translate Chinese language to English.