Revision (or Version) Control.

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Hi,  I'm using a spreadsheet to send data to several colleagues. There will be many revisions of the data. Is there a feature within Excel (Version 16.43), that enables each revision to be sequentially numbered for major and minor revisions?  eg;


Rev 01.01

Rev 01.02

Rev 01.03

Rev 02.00

Rev 02.01



Many thanks.

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Versioning is available if you're storing workbooks (and other Office files) in the Cloud (SharePoint or OneDrive).

You have to enable Major and Minor versioning in Library (for document libraries) or List settings:



More details on versioning: Versioning in SharePoint | Microsoft Docs


Thank you @Patrick2788 


Unfortunately, I'm not using the cloud, etc. I'll be sharing, and storing, it on github.


I guess that's the end of that! Haha!


I'll just have to do it manually.


Thank you.