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Hello All


I  am pretty new to excel and i got a problem i cant seem to figure out no matter how many posts about it i have read. 


Ultimately i want to make excel show me the last number in a column that is not 0.

But before i go there i wanted it to show me the last number in the column.


But no matter what i try and do. And how many guides and posts i read/watch. I get the same error all the time. 

excel last number.JPG

This is a screenshot of the error i always get no matter what formula i use LOOKUP/OFFSET/INDEX


If anyone can guide me in the right direction i would appreciate it.


Thanks in advance


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You can use a finite range instead of the entire column, of course.

The last non-zero number is


@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for the quick reply.


What im experiencing seems to be something else. Even when i past those formulas they produce the same error as on the picture.

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Do you use comma as decimal separator (e.g. three-and-a-half is 3,5)?

If so, you should use semi-colons instead of commas in the formulas:







@Hans Vogelaar 


That was the problem. Now its working perfectly.


Thanks alot for the assistance.