Retention matrix

How to build a retention matrix in excel if you have only employees ID, registration data and last order.
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You could begin by explaining what you mean by "retention matrix" and how such a matrix is built in the first place.


(Your question seems to imply that the data available is inadequate, but for those of us (and I even worked a full career in HR) who don't recognize the term "retention matrix" it would help if we defined terms.)

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Please see below the task in attached document.


Perhaps @mathetes and few other people know, but I have no glue what the "monthly retention matrix" is.

That does nothing more than your original post with regard to defining what a retention matrix is. I know what the kind of data you referred to are. WHAT, though, is a retention matrix?
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Maybe Do you know what is retention matrix?


Nope, sorry, first time in my life I knew that such exists that's from your post.

Please do you have any idea how to handle this ?
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I don't yet know what you mean by a retention matrix--so how could I possibly have any idea how to handle it? You seem to assume it's an everyday term, and maybe it is where you work. It's no doubt something simple, but to the extent that it's "insider" or specialized terminology, you owe it to those from whom you're requesting help to give a good definition==or provide a link to one.
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You can dispense with the "bro" label, please.


May I ask you a question: Is this a school assignment? It's beginning to look like it might well be. If so, then this is not a place where we do people's homework for them. Go talk to fellow students or your teacher.


If that's NOT the case, then you need to do a far better job of defining what you need from that data. Several of us have asked you to explain what a retention matrix is; that means we don't know. So if you have it as a work assignment (not a school assignment) then that would suggest you also have some sense of the meaning of the term, what it is you want to learn from the data, or how you want the data summarized. If that's not the case, do some research. And share a link that would explain it.

Dear Sir thank you for support. My question concern now on a different task. It doesn’t concern retention. Please see attached document below.


The prerequisites and the weight of the KPIs are not clearly defined.

Here is some information and questions that I was able to fish out on the Internet,

maybe this information will help you further.

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This is pretty clearly homework for a course. You should be researching it and doing it yourself.