Referencing another worksheet in table form but with individual cell references

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Good morning,


I am building an asset register and I am trying to develop a table where I can arrange my assets in various forms depending on how I need to see them for different tasks.


I have a worksheet that tells me what assets still require to be serviced but I cannot arrange these sheets alphabetically to aid with servicing them in an efficient way e.g. top to bottom depending on location.


I can create a table on my new sheet to reference my remaining assets and they all disappear as they get serviced one by one. So I know I am getting close, but using the ='Sheet name'!A9:E260 does exactly what I need however I need each cell to be individually referenced back to the original worksheet. Currently if you click any cell is this table I have built, it displays the formula above rather than say ='Sheet name'!B24.


See screenshot attached, any help appreciated! Thanks!help.PNG

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