Problem with the result of function if

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Hi there,

I'm using the following if function to achieve a result but it isn't working.


The C8 cell contains an IF function formula that returns a text result from another sheet. If I erase this formula and fill it in manually the above formula works. But I want it to work according to the result of the other formula.

What can I do to fix it?

Best regards 

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@AntonioCamacho1964 try replacing the semicolons with commas in your formula.  


Could you attach a sample workbook (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar? Also, explain what you want to do.


Hi there,

Thank you for answering. I think I shared the file in google drive, but I'm sending it to you as an attachment.

The file intends to be a data base for the technicians timetable´s. The first sheet called "Distribuição Serviço" is used to register the different groups, places and activities of each one of them. The second sheet is the individual timetable and I want to fill the spaces with the information of the first sheet. That is working. What isn´t working is when I try to fill in the hour in the appropriate column using the formula I've sent to you. I think the program considers that the cell is already filled although nothing is there besides the formula connected with the first sheet.

Hope I've explained it so you can understand.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Best regards.

@AntonioCamacho1964 One troubleshooting technique is to highlight the cell reference in the formula bar (in this case C8 was the reference) and to press F9.  This resolves the reference to a value, either blank or whatever else.  In this case, you can see the formula returns a zero if no matches are found, even though they are not visible. 


So, changing your formula to =IF(C8<>0,"09:30","") should do the trick.  


When using the F9 feature, don't forget to either press escape or Ctrl + Z, otherwise the value will be hardcoded in the formula rather than the cell reference.