Excel Changes Date Day to Year

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I have a financial ledger where I input date purchased so I'm only working in current year. Excel has been no problem with my method for years but out of the blue it is correcting my dates. I always type in an abbreviated date like "oct 13" or aug 8" and Excel would put it into long and end up with August 8, 2022. Now Excel is reading my inputted number as the year so all my entries from hereon are the 1 of the month and that number I typed becomes the year. For example, August 1, 2008 or October 1, 2013. I've tried changing long date, short date, and playing with date layout in the format cell window, but nothing is making that column default to 2022. 

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how about changing your method? just enter 9/19 instead of sep 19 -- I'm pretty sure it will recognize that as 9/19/22; and it's fewer key strokes

@mathetes not a bad idea but unfortunately it still changes 9/19 to September 1, 2019. 

Strange. Mine accepts that kind of entry in the way you (and I) want it to. And I don't see an item under Excel....Preferences... to change the way dates are handled, something that might have inadvertently been set to a different preference. Only other thing I would suggest checking is the custom formatting options.