Problem with "Data Types" toolbar in Excel. It's empty.

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The title is quite self explanatory. Here is a screenshot as well. 

Updated to version 1906 (Build 11727.20230)

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Hey @dostoevskyND 


Try going into the Customize Ribbons Options from the File Tab (Alt + F + T), select the Data Tab and Reset only selected Ribbon tab




Or, If that does not work, Create a New Tab. Select Popular Command in the Choose Commands from dialog box, Find Data Types Command and add it to the tab





Also make sure you're online and signed in...



Did exactly as you said. First method didn't help, with the second there is a tiny bit of progress. Now I have the Icon of "Data Types", however it's inactive.
It seems like I'm signed in. Well, at least my internet connection is up and running and there is an option to sign out.
Can you take a screenshot of the File > Account page



Perhaps Office repair could help. Without internet connection data types icons are visible but not work. Without signing-in with Microsoft account entire Data Types section is not visible on ribbon.

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So apparently this feature works only with Office 365 subscription. If you have "Office Home and Student 2019" it doesn't work. 


That's strange. If it's not available for the SKU it shall be no Data Types section on ribbon at all. If only you didn't add it manually.

@dostoevskyND I'm still having the exact same problem but I am a Microsoft 365 subscriber so that may not be the issue / only issue you were having.   Anyone find a resolution to this?

@dostoevskyND, I had the same issue. Just logged out from all account in Excel and then signed in again. It helped