printing in excel

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I am trying to print an excel document and I keep getting "nothing to print" message.

it is showing the printing on the page in the print preview but when I press print it comes up with the above words.

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Have you set up a print area?

Set or clear a print area on a worksheet


Yes have set up a print area.

It shows what I want to print. I press print then it says that there is nothing to print.

I ended up copying all pages to a new worksheet and was able to print pages.

but when I closed or saved it and went back to print some again it again says there is nothing to print.

so I know that the printer is working fine.  There seems to be an issue with Excel??




As far as I know, there is no problem that has repeatedly appeared.
Sometimes the standard printer also plays a role. Is another default printer set up?

...sometimes this can cause very strange symptoms.

Have you tried a different printer?


First of all I would recommend, if you haven't done it already, to do an update, a repair, Safe Mode Start, disable at a time if it isn't fixed by then.