Power Query Mac or Office 365 - Help me find it

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Hi there, I'm looking to learn power query and see if it will help me. I'm using Excel for Mac 16.55 and Power Query guidance is there in the help documents, but the options are not there in the menus. I also have access to Office365 and can open excel via my browser. 

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@LiamStewart If you want to get started with PowerQuery you need to use Excel for Windows, as PQ is not fully supported by Excel for he Mac. You can connect to a workbook or a Text/CSV file and load it, but you can't do transformations. You can refresh certain queries that were created on a PC, but you can't create or edit them on a Mac. That is, not as easily as on a PC. When you Google for Power Query on the Mac, the first hit is probably this: 

Scroll down a bit and you'll see a caption on Authoring and transferring queries with VBA. Once, the VBA code is in place you can go modify it. That is, if you know what you're doing. But it's definitely not the way to learn PQ. You really need a PC or run a virtual Windows machine on your Mac, e.g. with Parallels or Bootcamp. That's what I do. 

A good starting point to learn more about PQ would be here: