PivotTable refresh greyed out

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The PivotTable and Design Ribbon buttons went missing on all our files that contain PivotTables in Excel online. Previously we were able to refresh data within the Excel Sheet but this can only be done using the Desktop app as it is not available online. Is this an issue anyone has experienced recently? This was available to us as of 7/26/2022.




This is what is should look like in the online (this is the desktop application view)




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@dparke44 I'm not a frequent user of Excel on-line myself and don't recall that there ever was a Design ribbon for pivot tables, similar to the desktop version. If you say so, I believe you, but it seems that all the typical design buttons are included in the overall Pivot Table ribbon.


Regarding not being able to refresh pt's on-line, I wonder if you have noticed the Refresh button sitting on the far left-hand side of the Pivot Table ribbon.


Alternatively, right-click anywhere in a pt and Refresh is one of the options shown.