Scroll bar doesn't work when I freeze rows

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I'm using Excel 365, and am experiencing this issue on TWO separate computers. It's never been an issue on any previous version of excel btw (2016 etc). When I freeze the top row, and use the up/down scroll bar (on the right side), it's SUPER buggy - like you can see it trying to scroll through the FROZEN row, and then the UNFROZEN rows will scroll, completely randomly, maybe once every 500 or 1000 entries. Scroll WHEEL works fine, FYI - but I can't rely on that, because my sheets are massive (thousands upon thousands of entries) and I need use of the actual scroll bar to navigate effectively. Has anyone encountered this? This seems like a pretty common thing that people could be running into.

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It’s a rare issue but may happen accidentally. If the SHIFT key gets jammed somehow or any object keeps it pressed then scrolling by mouse won’t work. The scroll bar will work though.


Repair the key or change the keyboard.
Remove the object that has pressed the SHIFT key.




Rachel Gomez