Pivot Tables!!!!!

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 Finally discovering the world of Pivot Tables and it is Amazing! Feel like I might never need to use formulas again.


Having some trouble grouping the dates in my pivot table I created for transactions over the last 12 months.


Any help will be appreciated!



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Can you share an example of your problem?

@jacovdl  Without an example, my first thought is date formatting; make sure the data column is properly formatted as date (Data, Text to Columns) & the date format (format cells) is correct.


Thanks, please see attached


Hi @Rusty Dane 


I've tried to format the date columns numerous times, but it doesn't seem to work.

Please get the data file attached


Select column B, Data->Text To Columns and on third step


Result is attached.


Hi @jacovdl ,


Follow the steps from @Sergei Baklan in his previous post, and then, in your pivot table, right click over the column that contains the Dates labels, and select: "Group"

Since you have already formated as Date, it will recognise the possibilities for grouping automatically, and will give you the following options: