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Pivot Table

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I have created two pivot tables using the same data, but I don't want the tables linked. How do I unlink the tables that use the same data? My co-worker has a pop up that ask if she wants her new report to be based of the same data as her existing report and she chooses "NO" I don't have that pop up, but I can't figure how how the change it manually. 

Please help :(

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@Stephanie1977 In order to get that same pop-up option you're referring to, you would need to use the legacy Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Wizard when creating a new pivot table. The keyboard shortcut to access the legacy wizard is Alt+D+P. To add a shortcut to the Quick Access Toolbar, go to File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar, then under "Choose commands from:", select "Commands Not in the Ribbon", scroll down and select "Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Wizard", then click Add >> and OK.


For more information, please see: Unshare a data cache between PivotTable reports