Pivot Table won't pull new data on a Mac but is still working on PC

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I have a beautifully built Excel document for me to track my supervision and fieldwork hours for my job certification which has been working well up until the last month or so. To summarize, I have one tab where I input the data for my hours, then one tab has a pivot table that summarizes that data into a monthly summary, and another tab has one that gives me an overall summary. (I can share this document if needed) I can open and update the data on my Mac, but when I go to my pivot tables and refresh the data, it will not pull any new data I've entered. Also, I am not able to make changes to the pivot tables, as all the options are greyed out when I right click. 


I sent this to the person who built it and he is able to refresh the data and it's still working properly on his PC. Unfortunately, both my personal and work computers are MacBooks so as of now, I've been sending it to him weekly so he can refresh and send it back to me with updated totals. 


I'm 96% sure that this spreadsheet properly worked on my Mac previously, but there is a slight chance that we overlooked the potential differences between PC and Mac, since at my previous job I had a PC for work that I mostly used to update this tracker. It seems absurd to me that a pivot table wouldn't work on Excel for Mac since it's a fairly basic function. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?? 

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