pivot table returning old data even after refreshing and applying auto refresh!

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greetings Guys

I have a dashboard with more than 10 charts and some tables...

this dashboard returns its data from a dozen of pivot tables.


the pivot tables gets their data from Database sheet.


everything was working fine until I updated the Database table


I added few rows of data below the Database table and resized the table to cover the new added data below


the issue is now all my pivot tables doesn't return the data with the new included rows in the database table.

please help if you have information leading to solution for this case

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I suspect you didn't resize the table.

@Detlef Lewin 

Hi Detlef. I resized the table for sure :) more than one time just to make sure and it was not the problem

keep in mind when I do another pivot table on the same table it returns the data right!

Check whether the table range matches the data source in the pivot table.
Well, then it should work.
Could you upload you workbook? Change sensitive data.