Pivot table color defaults when adding a new week

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I have the above pivot table that adds backing data weekly.  Once added I filter to the new week, for reasons I can't understand the bottom row has a white background in some places and some cells in the Division 5 row are highlighted green.  I'd like the Bottom row to start off the same color as the Company cell and the Team - Days cells in the Division 1 - 6 rows to start with no background color.  The Weekly should be light blue for Divisions 1 - 6.  How do I default these background/fill colors?


I'm on Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Version 2102 Build 16.013801.21050 64-bit


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is it possible there is conditional formatting on this sheet? go to home -> conditional formatting and then make sure the top drop down box is set to 'Whole Sheet' and see if there are rules on the sheet and delete or change and needed

@mtarler No conditional formatting on the entire worksheet


If apply conditional formatting rules to aggregations it's possible to apply only to PivotTable area, e.g. How to Apply Conditional Formatting to Pivot Tables - Excel Campus

Not sure there is the way to do the same for row labels.