Parameterizing data connection

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Trying to parameterize connection as per

However, Parameters button is greyed out. What do I do?

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Can you share more information on your project - if possible, a workbook without confidential data.

Also, are you using PowerQuery to set up the connection?

@adversi I attached a workbook.  Take the first sheet as an example.  I want to parameterize the server name in the connection string.  I attached a screenshot of what I want to parameterize and the workbook 


Sorry, not entirely sure what the right solution would be. I did find that CRSIRVBC01TBV,3341 SSISDB connection is doesn't have its connection file grayed out.



Maybe these two articles can help:

Dynamically assign filename to excel connection string 

Passing Dynamic Query Values from Excel to SQL Server 

@adversi Thanks for taking a look.  I did read the linked articles, which can help if you want to parameterize the query.  However I want to parameterize the connection instead, which doesn't seem to be covered.