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Windows 11, Excel 365, HP laptop with touchpad.  If I have (to make it simple) a sheet with column A frozen, then use two-finger scrolling on the touchpad to move the visible part of the sheet to the right, it will "overscroll" such that a blank area may be shown to the right of the frozen column A, then column A will appear duplicated, then B and etc.  When I let up on my fingers, the blank area goes away such that column A now appears twice, then in about a half second to a second, it will snap back to where it now correctly shows column A only once, with column B right next to it.  This happens vertically as well.  


This is distracting and not productive!  Is there any way to turn this behavior back to what it used to be, that it would simply stop when Column B was shown and go no further?  I see no settings in "Options" that seem to be related.

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