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Is there a way to type faster this PIU'.SE(O(A1=5;A1=7;A1=10;A1=1);"errore")like this

: PIU'.SE(A1=O(5;7;10;1);"errore"=)?

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The following might work.  But you might have to experiment with the list separators for your language.


PIU'.SE(O(A1={5;7;10;1});"errore";"no errore")



Traduzione di Google:

Quanto segue potrebbe funzionare. Ma potresti dover sperimentare i separatori di elenco per la tua lingua.

Thank you @JoeUser2004 ! I have to try now!! I'll respond to you!

Hello Joe, It didn't work.
For example using this formula gives me another error=PIÙ.SE(VAL.NUMERO(RICERCA(O("cucina";"Bagni");A13));16) Do you know any other solution? In the former case, I used curly brackets.





No...It still saying it contains an error. A13 cell doesn't come out with the blue color. So there should be some lack of punctuation or the formula needs a modification


Do you mean that you're using the formula in conditional formatting? It is not possible to use an array {...} in a conditional formatting formula.

No, Can I attached it?


If you want to attach a workbook (without sensitive data), look for an area below the box where you compose a reply that says "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach".

If you don't see that: you can upload it to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, then share it and post a link in your reply. Alternatively, you can attach it to a private message to me. Thanks in advance.

@HansVogelaar Another example that is not accomplished

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Can you provide a workbook instead of a screenshot?

Can you provide for me the right  formula typed with OR? @HansVogelaar. I attached an excel. PIÙ.SE(E(N67=35;O(A67=("Gennaio";"Febbraio";"Marzo";"Ottobre";"Novembre";"Dicembre");"vero";"falso";S67=1);6,3;E(N67=45;S67=1);4,8;E(N67=55;A67=O("Maggio";"Giugno";"Luglio";"Agosto";"Settembre");S67=1);3,73;E(N67=35;S67=1);6,3)








PIÙ.SE(E(R66=35;O(A66={"Gennaio"\"Febbraio"\"Marzo"\"Ottobre"\"Novembre"\"Dicembre"});S66=1);6,3;E(R66=45;AA3=1);4,8;E(R66=55;O(A66={"Gennaio"\"Febbraio"\"Marzo"\"Ottobre"\"Novembre"\"Dicembre"});S66=1);3,73;E(R66=35;O($A$66={"Aprile"\"Maggio"\"Giugno"\"Luglio"\"Agosto"\"Settembre"});S66=1);5,65)@Hans Vogelaar

Is still giving error. like N/D





The problem is that although S3 displays 1, its value is actually not equal to 1, but to 1,130815...

You'll see this if you set the number format of S3 to General:


You might use ARROTONDA(S3;0) instead of S3 in the formula. See the attached version.

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Can you provide a workbook instead of a screenshot?

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